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Our Commitments

Our ambition is to have 20% of our assets directly connected to climate action and affordable clean energy by March 2025 and we have committed to running a 100% carbon neutral fleet by 2030. The net book value of green assets we funded in 2020/21 was £316m, an increase of £162m on the prior year.

Continue to fund green assets

20% of assets with clean energy by 2025

100% carbon neutral fleet by 2030

Our Contributions


Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC is powering the transition to a net-zero economy. Our strategic focus is on sectors that have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment including mobility, infrastructure, energy and agriculture.


In 2020/21, we donated over £249,000 to charitable causes through match funding donations. Through volunteering and charitable donations, we develop partnerships with national and local charities to support local communities.


Effective and robust corporate governance is critical to the smooth running of our business and ensuring we operate in line with all regulations and laws.

Working towards a sustainable future

Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC is delivering real change in a sustainable manner. As part of our commitment to supporting society and communities in which we operate, we’re working towards a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future, aligning our business towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our headline achievements are detailed below. Download our latest ESG report published under our previous trading name, Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, for further detail of how we evidence our contribution to society and social value creation.

Evidencing our contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 1

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Goal 3

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Goal 5

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Goal 7

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Goal 8

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Goal 9

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Goal 10

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Goal 11

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Goal 13

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