Finland Branch To Be Launched By Hitachi Capital European Vendor Solutions

Monday 1st March 2021

1 March 2021 – Hitachi Capital European Vendor Solutions (“HCEVS”) has announced that it will open a direct operation in Finland by spring 2021.

HCEVS is the vendor finance division of Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, providing finance programmes servicing vendors belonging to Hitachi Capital’s shareholder Groups and key Japanese manufacturers.

The new operation in Finland will be a branch of HCEVS’s Dutch subsidiary, Hitachi Capital European Vendor Solutions B.V. (“EVSN”) and will officially open by 31 March 2021, improving services for existing key customers and expanding the business’s reach throughout Europe.

EVSN’s Helsinki-based sales and credit team will deliver the new service for both the domestic market and other Nordic countries, providing funding directly to vendors, dealers and end users.

Additionally, a new cross-border capability in Belgium will be established to facilitate transactions for vendors and dealers in the region, managed and administered from Hitachi Capital European Vendor Solutions’ Dutch subsidiary already established in Amsterdam.

Dilek Mackenzie, Managing Director of Hitachi Capital European Vendor Solutions, said:

“Expanding our support to existing vendors and reaching new customers throughout Europe will significantly improve our value proposition for vendors, dealers and end users.

“By opening a branch in Finland, we will be able to deliver financial solutions to meet the growing demand for flexible asset finance in the Nordic region. Meanwhile, extending our presence into Belgium, in close proximity to our Netherlands base, enables us to readily support existing vendor and dealer partners, by facilitating cross-border transactions.”

Robert Gordon, CEO of Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, added:

“Establishing a presence in Finland and Belgium reflects the impressive performance of Hitachi Capital European Vendor Solutions, which continues to lead the expansion of the Group internationally. Growing our footprint in two new countries will help to not only support existing key vendors but also further establish the business in European markets.

“Following the announcement of the planned merger with our parent company, the move will enable us to continue to support sales and distribution programmes for wider shareholder Group companies and Japanese key accounts in Europe.”